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Discussion in 'CPA' started by iamsgf, Jan 18, 2009.

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    So during that period of after sex and falling asleep last night, I had a brain fart and came up with an idea. Now I am tryng to think of a way of monetizing itand CPA seems logical, but I have a few questions!

    Do CPA networks allow incentiveised form filling?

    If I incentivise a member to fill in a form how do I know that they have actually completed it and it has been accepted?

    Basically I want to point user to fill offer, then a return confirmation to me that offer has been completed. As all offers are off site is this do-able?

    Also if you know any CPA companies that allow incentives, then feel free to let me know.

    However if the tracking/back tracking is not doable then my idea is pretty flawed!