CPA newbie question?????????


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Feb 6, 2008
I'm new to CPA and have a question??
If I send traffic to my website from youtube, will the CPA network detect that the traffic comes from YouTube or my website??? :confused:

I'm very confused about this and can't seem to find an answer
if you watermark the video so people have to type it in there is no way for your network to know where the traffic is coming if you want to be safe..use a watermark and no links
but I think this will lower the conversions very much because people will have to type in instead of clicking link in description
yes they can see the exact video the click is coming from just double meta refresh
You can always blank the referrer. I personally don't, as I've had no problems with sending Youtube traffic to CPA offers.
Ok....isn't there any CPA network that accepts YouTube traffic??? or is there any guaranteed way to get around this?
There's plenty of ways you can blank the referrer - double meta refresh for example, very easy to do. Just search the forums or google for the code.
cpa tracking ..depends on code..but if you drive traffic from youtube to your site..then its safe practice..its also lower your conversation rate.
What are you talking about? If a double meta refresh is done properly, there's no way for the CPA company to track where the click came from as the method will only send through leads that have a blank referrer. The rest either get a 404, or you can set it up that they get a different page, or to keep refreshing them until the referrer is dropped.

Other than double meta, you can use the .htaccess method, or get the power link generator.
Are you sure that NO WAY the CPA can detect where the click came from??? I read in other thread that the PHP meta refresh is easily detectable....what the others think????
A single meta refresh, yes. If it just refreshes without checking that the referrer is dropped, it will eventually send through a lead without a blank referrer. A double refresh on the other hand, the first refresh is just a regular refresh which redirects the lead to the second PHP file. The second file checks that the referrer is blank, and ONLY when it's blank will the redirect to the offer fire. Two refreshes are always better than one.
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What is a blank referrer? Does it mean that the user typed url of the offer into browser instead of clicking a hyperlink or what??? Won't the CPA get suspicious of it?
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