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    Hi Everyone, Ok, so this is my first post, I didn't even introduce myself yet, but will latter. Ive' been "lurking" for a while and feel that this forum has some amazing talent, and unfortunatley, if the CPA networks would get their heads out of their asses, they could make even more money.

    It's to bad you guys need to jump through so many BH hoops to make money, somtimes you have to, I understand... Ok so I'll put my balls on the line here.

    This is NOT a bullshit post! I'm only interested in serious partners.

    I own a CPA only network which has been around since 2006. In the last 8 months I have begun to re-structure it so that in only hosts CPA, not CPS incentive based offers. Right now We have VERY FEW offers, but will be adding more shortly. No shit.

    I think we can do some serious business together & I won't ban you (unleass you send some really retarded traffic) we have some powerful tracking shit (like they use on the show "criminal minds") to bust you . I'm working with my merchants to be VERY FLEXIBLE on this!

    My merchants understand this, and know that THEY have to work harder at their end to convert the leads into recurring business. Trouble with other CPA networks & their merchants is that they are LAZY and want guranteed business. But times are tough, and they need to put some old fashioned work into it.

    If your interested, PM me for the site URL to sign-up. I'll review it & we can go from there. No cost to you, unless your a merchant If you make money, so do we, simple, but don't try to "scam us" & we can have a long lasting relationship. That's all I ask.

    By the way, if your interested in placing incentivized offers on the site, PM me or sign-up at the merchant page. We can discuss you needs/ funds/budget & escrow details after that.

    PM me if you what more "personalized attention" - Remember, I'm the owner, not and affiliate manager..

    O.K. Let the fun begin....