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CPA Journey Using Facebook, Youtube and Social Media SEO

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by FUBSZ, May 30, 2014.

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    Hey All !

    Long time BHW lurker here, I have been thinking about making a journey for a long time now to keep disciplined in a project.

    After a lot of research I decided to make a Facebook page and a couple of YouTube videos and try using social media only to rank and get traffic through those.

    Here is what I have done in the past 2 days :

    1. [*=center]Joined a CPA network and customized a survey template to make it look like my site (better conversions)
      [*=center]Created a Facebook page for the product I am promoting.
      [*=center]Created/Downloaded 3 YouTube videos promoting my product.
      [*=center]Made a landing page and then directing the visitors to the affiliate page.

    Whats Next ?


    • [*=center]Upload those videos ( 1 video for 1 account )
      [*=center]Use Google keyword planner to get me some tags
      [*=center]Wrote a sick description ( optimized of course )
      [*=center]Try 3 different HR/HQ views, comment and likes provider


    • [*=center]Fix the page to make it look more appealing
      [*=center]Thinking about buying a logo and banner from fiverr to make it look more professional
      [*=center]Post some viral(ish) content
      [*=center]Share and spam the heck out of my page

    Landing Page

    • [*=center]Add a couple of super HQ Posts for conversions
      [*=center]maybe changing the theme to something super clean and plain
      [*=center]I will boost the posts with a Social Media Tool (Experimental)

    I will be posting:

    • [*=center]New Likes
      [*=center]Conversion Rates
      [*=center]if anything awesome happens
    If anyone has any tips or input please let me know :D
    Thanks all and I hope you like my journey