CPA Journey - 70,000 Contacts Per Day!


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Nov 4, 2014
Good evening fellow BHW's.

I am starting a journey with CPA offers, this will be my first try with CPA offers. I have experience in internet marketing from years ago and am doing marketing in my day job. So i always have fun with trying new and different things.

So what am i doing? Well i am looking to generate a sale and see if i can make back the money i have invested. I am using Paigham Bot to market to thousands upon thousands through contact forms.

The first day i did a test with 6,000 contact form submissions, from this i saw 41 unique visits to my site, of which i sold 0 products. So i am curious that i have not chosen the right niche. My niche is internet marketing for social media.


So how do i plan on increasing this? Quite simply.. Scale and repeat..
I have scanned over 70,000 pages in which i will submit my data. So far within the last 3 hours i have emailed over 10,000 contact forms. (bare in mind i started scaling 3 hours ago and am still emailing out to another 50,000 as we speak).


So my question for my fellow friends. Is how many sales would i typically expect and how do i know what a product is not working for me and to move onto the next one?

Costings: $99 for Paigham Bot per month
Hosting: $15
HMA Proxy: $10
Sales: 0
Total Hits: 87

Profit: $0
Costs: $124
Super interesting! How do you rate this method vs a method such as OGads + Instagram?

Good luck and following the journey for sure!
Hi, well as soon as i make one sale then i will say positive :) But with the software im using there is many more opportunities available so even though it is $99 i have until the 15th July to make back the investment, im hoping by searching and scanning and emailing out every day, that i will get a few sales, from either this affiliate offer or another. As far as instagram and ogads, i couldnt really say. However i have tried facebook ads with Ogads and i didnt get very good results, mostly because the lack of money paid out in ogads (i believe this is content locker right) and if i sell one of the products currently on my affilaite site i will earn $50. So... However with facebook ads when i promoted the ogads i ended up spending $50-$100 and recieved nothing in return.

So this morning i woke up to auto poster completed. 50,000 Contacted, 350 response emails... and i still made 0 :(
Thank you all. I am now posting to all 10,000 unsuccessful links and have started scraping again with another 2,000 keywords. I will update you all in 9 hours after work with an update.
I own a lot of contact forms and can say from that side that this method is SATURATED. I get so many messages on my less secure contact forms that I know not to even open them by what's shown in the preview on my email account. If you're going to get anywhere with this you'll need a really unique message (and for the love of all things internet, if it's website design/improvement or SEO/"get you to the top of google"/"I know the google algorithm like the back of my hand" is there some sort of exemption list I can get on?)
Sorry mate its not SEO ect im offering, besides no ones biting so i wouldnt be too upset ;)
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