CPA-Island? Anyone?

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    Hey guys.
    Has any one of you experience with this network?
    I've registered today and started promoting a product.
    I was totally excited because it's my first CPA network.

    I registered. Picked an offer. Started promoting.
    Few hours later i checked back and took a closer look at their webpage.

    I noticed that ALL their offers are "new" and none of these had clicks, payouts, conversion rates and all this other stuff listed. Every offer is labeled "new".

    "Suspicious", I thought. :)
    Then I googled the hell out of "cpa-island" and only got 3 serious results. Two affiliate network review pages and "cpa-island" itself.

    On the CPA network review pages are 6 comments about this network. Three or four of them TOTALLY positive and two or three of them were TOTALLY negative. The negative ones accused the positive reviewers of belonging to the network and stuff like that.

    Now I'm totally suspicious...
    I think it's totally obvious that these guys are a scam, isn't it?
    Have any of you guys had experience with this network?
    Didn't find anything using the search engine.

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    weird.. couldn't mention the domain name. I tried every variation possible.
    The domain is simply "CPA-Island" followed by the most popular top level domain. (Commercial)
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