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CPA-How a noob with no experience got accepted 3 ways

Discussion in 'CPA' started by balltillifall321, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. balltillifall321

    balltillifall321 Newbie

    Dec 6, 2009
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    hello everyone, if anyone here is having trouble getting in to a cpa network im willing to help you.Seriously I've never been accepted and the only ones i have ever been accepted was **************,peerfly and commission junction. But yesterday I got accepted to all 8/10. but 2 of them rejected me.

    I got accepted to 3 of them without using a website, and these three are cpaflash,copeac,and pepper jam.

    I got accepted to these 2 with a website that i simply created on wordpress. these two are hydra and azoogle

    Third, i got accepted the rest with a website that dont belong to me. I just randomly found a blog that doesnt seem really popular and i just put it on the application because i thought hey what the heck and i got accepted. LOL such as adfish and etc.

    you should really read the thread that's posted here and i just followed their instructions and say exactly what the post told me to say and bam.

    but the last method i used with a website that dont belong to me worked best for me and i got accepted. some of you might say your stupid and stuff but iono bro i got accepted so i got to figure out a way how to promote it.

    Just to let you know not all of them called me, and not all of them will reject you if your email is not with the domain name. I used my own personal emailed and it still work. But the ones that call you always say "is part of my job to call you and make sure you are a real person". I did not call any of them at all. I applied within one day and they all call me asap. But i did email 2 of them or chat with them on AIM.

    pm me if you need help and im more then likely to help you and i know how hard it is when your a noob and have no experience.

    remember to fill out your application like you are a pro but not too PRO. cause i realized when i filled out TOO PRO i got rejected.
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