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With so many REAL positive reviews you can't get wrong!

Bought CPA GOD's guide a few days ago and sat on it without opening. Yesterday morning I took action and after a day and a half had everything setup. Currently after a couple hours I've made the buy price of this guide back by 2 times. It's definitely a great method and from what I can see, some people know about but isn't over saturated.

The guide itself is well written and at no point was it hard for me to read or understand. I had to contact @CPA GOD for something that I personally didn't quite get but, he was really quick to reply and explained things in further detail for me. Overall if you're new to CPA you may have to do the same but generally that's just for setup.

Highly, highly recommended.

I want to share my stats with you, following @CPA GOD 's method, I was able to generate a near 100% in return.
It's a relatively small amount but it's just the beginning.
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Purchased the guide full price (didn't even wait for a discount lol hoping I wouldn't regret it) And it's one of the rare times I not only didn't regret but am glad I put every penny in it! Reading the comments I must be a REAL newbie because this is new for me and the step-by-step guide is what I needed. But newbie or not I plan on making money with this so I guess it is worth it all the way! Thanks for this it's gonna be useful AF.

I have received a review copy and to be honest I was a little bit special at first.
Most E-books I have ever bought were a waste of money. Especially the CPA ones.
This Ebook really surprised me by how great the method is actually described there.
If you are starting with IM and want to make your first bucks and possibly scale it to your full-time job.
This is the place where you start.

Invest in yourself and buy this Ebook.


Ok I received this book and its really good. The method mentioned here is new for me, I didn't ever thought about this option. OP said everything, what is necessary to execute your actions with this method. Now I am trying to start with it and OP give me more insight in PMs and he is kind and helpful. For this price, you can make your money back really fast. I am 100% recommending this e-book for everyone, who would like to get serious money from Instagram!

Bought this ebook and my first impressions are very good.
The steps are very easy to follow and everything is explained in details.
I would recommend this to everyone who is into CPA marketing.

Initial Review

I was very lucky to get the special discount code. :)
I have gone through the guide and i can confirm that the guide is really helpful for starting CPA with Instagram, also we dont need any big Instagram account for this method. I am a newbie in CPA, but this guide is very easy to follow and everything written in step by step. Also some extra tricks to get approved in Affiliate networks which worked for me. I will come back later with a detailed review after running it for couple of weeks.

Good e book, OP is extremely helpful and he replies very quickly. I can see massive potential with this, I've got everything going just need ads which I'm working on. Solid product at a nice price!

Just purchased the guide. Its short and to the point and shows step by step exactly what needs to be done. This was really great for a newb like me and I hope to start putting this method into action soon!

Got a massive discount code and I had no choice but to buy this :D

The steps are easy to understand and follow. I went ahead and read the guide several times to make sure I have a complete grasp of the whole process.

Overall, the method is explained clearly and would be helpful to even complete beginners like me. Screenshots are also adequate to follow along.

@CPA GOD also replies quickly since I've pm'ed him some more questions. It's actually me who's late to respond.

Would definitely PM you some more once I start working on this.

Definitely a good ebook to start for beginners. The skills you learn in this ebook are used for your affiliate journey. The methods also seem good.

Payment completed We've sent you an email containing your product Order ID: d61dd5a5-ee44-49c3-9fe5-98070e861bd0

Got the ebook in email and red it in one shot.

Trick of the trade is simple.

You are showing people what they like to see ( Viral content ),
You are going to offer what makes money for you.
Of course little sense of process should be there and you start making money.

Just bought the ebook. It's a good way to make money quickly and fast!

Comment "I'm Lucky" and I will send you an awesome discount!
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