CPA Assistant/Partner Wanted - Male or Female

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    Ever wanted to promote CPA offers but cannot get approved by the networks?
    Well here?s your chance to make some extra money.

    I currently belong to some of the top CPA companies and I?m looking for
    someone to help me promote some offers. I already make money
    doing this but I want to expand and I just don?t have the time unless I
    can clone myself which is not possible at the moment.

    Here?s My Offer:

    *We will split everything 50/50.
    *Once I trust you and know that you?re not trying to rip me off, you will get
    access to some of the networks.
    *You will have no out of pocket expenses.
    *If there?s a software that you need to make your job easier then I
    probably already have it and will give you access to it.
    *If at any time you feel that this is not for you, just be honest and tell me
    so we won?t waste each others time.

    Here?s what I Need from You

    *Promote offers in whatever means you have experience with;
    that includes posting on blogs, forums, yahoo, youtube, digg, squidoo,
    facebook, etc.
    *You?ll probably have to create some free email accounts
    *We?ll work on one offer at a time, market/spam the hell out of it
    until it?s running smoothly and making money then move on to the
    next offer.

    What Will I Do?

    *Set up landing pages
    *Set up blogs
    *Set up CS pages/codes
    *Set up other blackhat techniques that I can?t discuss here
    *I use some software for posting on forums and blogs but there?s
    nothing better than making quality posts manually.
    *I?m not promising that you?ll be a millionaire in one month but
    we will make money together. I?ll be totally honest with you and
    show you the traffic and sales that we are making so we can adjust

    Of course there?s more to it but I can?t discuss everything out in the open. If
    you are interested then send me a PM. I would like to get started within the
    next week or two. I might be willing to accept more than one person but
    I will only work with one person for now until I get everything set up and running.

    PM me with your interest and experience to be considered.
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    Suuuuure! I would love to do all the dirty work for you!
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    shamster25 I received your PM and tried to respond but your mail box is full. PM me again when you're able to receive messages.