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    Do networks care where your website traffic that their offers are on is coming from?

    I have a site that is doing remarkably well. I am a firm believer of quality content, and my site has been getting a lot of traffic from a lot of different places. This particular site I have myself stopped advertising, working on other things,
    but I have come across my site being mentioned in blogs, (Alot of blogs), on forums, peoples newsletters, twitter, facebook, and I am getting a lot of organic traffic and I have seen my CPA money go up -which is why I had to investigate, because I have not touched this site in about a month -

    But I know a lot of networks, currently I am on 7 different ones, and each has their own specifications, some dont like face book, or twitter or email, and I have no control over organic traffic

    But my question is I dont have any control of how others are mentioning my site, will I get into trouble with these networks if my site not their offer is on one of the things they dont want? obviously the offer refferal will always be my website, (not fb,twitter, email)
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    I wouldn't worry about it. If the traffic converts and makes money for the advertiser, 99% of networks will be happy with it. They won't even know where the traffic is coming from, because the clicks you send them will always have your own site as the referrer. It's only when you're driving traffic directly with referrers from social sites and bringing complaints that the networks don't like it.

    Like you said, if you have a quality site that people like, then it's unreasonable to expect you to have any control over whether people post a link to your site on Twitter or post about it on their Facebook wall.
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