CPA/Adsense + SEO to $100/day

Great job, doing something familiar right now. Can You tell us Your general niche? Im not talking about specific stuff, just general. Gaming?
Are you still using CPAGrip offers and Adsense on the same website at the same time? I am planning to add some banner to my website with Adsense but I'm afraid that it may cause some issue. Are CPAGrip offers Adsense compliant?

My website is a whitehat niche btw with legit contents. The banner I am planning to place is just for some articles with the same topic.
Good luck on your journey mate! Q: Are you the real Nakamura? ... the chess player? =D
Be careful if you use CPAGrip + Google Adsense and you will get banned from Google Adsense. You can trick but Google can trick you and Google is not stupid. Cheers :)
Why the website was penalized ?
You uzed blackhat incentive CPA ? (Users dont get what they intended to)
Or non incentive way ?
Thank u very mucj
Hello i have a newbie question? how will you know that your adsense account are good to go ? or lets say activated. thanks for the answer.
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