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    New to IM, but I have been accepted to many networks without a problem. I have found a few important things to help ease the process. Some of it I read here on this awesome forum and a few things I thought of along the way.

    1) Most import! register a toll free number at kall8 or some other service. Its cheap, like 2$ with a 2$ startup. Kall8 has caller ID showing your toll free number (which I added to my cell as a contact to my Media Co) and free forwarding, so you KNOW when the network is calling. Just forward it to your cell and keep it on you at all times.

    2) Like I read here before, when questioned about traffic; you only purchase PPC traffic from adwords, yahoo, msn, etc... and you do not offer incentives.

    3) Build a nice little simple site with some offers on it to show them how your sites work. Mine is just a simple page with a striped background, a framed table, with a bunch of ads (explaininng that the visitor needs to do 3 page submits lol)

    4) When you get a call from your AM, speak clearly and keep your answers short. This is corporate world and they do not want to chat about what you had for breakfast, how you just upgraded your computer or how late into the night you work till. they have to make these calls all day. The AM just want's to accept you to the network and get back to their affiliates.

    Well that is what has worked for me. I hope this helps some of you guys. Especially the younger peeps with little to no corporate experience.
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