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discount code please, also is there info in this course to generate Adult/NSFW or close to?
I’ve experimented with this method before. You can expect to earn a modest amount like a few cents per image, and that's over several months. It's all number game!

One major issue is the sheer volume of submissions. Many people generate hundreds, if not thousands, of AI images and use tools to automate their uploads to the marketplaces. As a result, since the influx of AI-generated images, the approval process has become extremely slow. I’ve had images pending since May 2023, and now, as of April 2024, it's been almost a year. To date(I started uploading in February 2023), I’ve only made about $47 and I am kinda give up on this.

Full-time income? Highly unlikely.

Passive income? Possible, but the effort involved in finding keyword, tagging, uploading, etc makes it hardly worth it.
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