CouponPress Indexing Question


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Dec 3, 2008
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I purchased couponpress and decided to use it for a big coupon site. Problem is couponpress uses subcategories for stores. Anyone have any expereince with how google indexes and treats these sub categories?

I notice that each coupon is a seperate post and each sub cat. store is a collection of these posts. Wouldent google see all this as duplicate content considering each sub cat is just a collection of posts. Anyone have experience with couponpress and how google treats the indexing?
I'm thinking of using it also did you find an answer to your question.

Also can you share couponpress 6 with the rest of the community.
I haven't used coupon press but it is possible it might be seen as duplicates but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Instead you should try and modify your theme with PHP to try and add some extra content to the individual pages. You can play around with different codes in alt and title tags for images and add stuff to the post templates to help tweak it out better for your keywords. This might help you get started.
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