Couple small health EMDs available if anyone is interested

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    I've come across a couple decent EMDs if anyone is interested in them.

    Does Creatine Work
    Exact US: 2,400
    Global: 3,600

    Nitric Oxide Side Effects
    Exact US: 2,900
    Global: 3,600

    These are typically two types of domains I really like. They are information EMDs, meaning people are looking for information. What I like about it, is if you make a professional looking website with good information, you can come across as scientific, authoritive site. You look more as an organization trying to share information, rather than a sales page.

    Fore the creatine one, you can spin it as, "Creatine is a fantastic product, if you use a high quality product. However, we've discovered there are a lot low quality products on the market. We tested the top 10 brands, fully researched them, and will share our findings." Create or pay someone to create 10 reviews, then join an affiliate program that sells it. You can also at the end put "Top 3 online stores to purchase xxx". And join three affiliate programs.

    For the nitric oxide one, it's the same thing. You tell the visitors it can be safe, but there are many unhealthy products out there. Then you do something similar as the creatine one. I try not to bash any companies though, just to avoid any possible legal threats. But I will use quotes from reviews I find online.

    The point of both sites is to really educate the visitor, and have them believe you really know what you're talking about. As once they are done reading/researching, they will more than likely take your advice of where and what to buy. If you really want to make the site big, you can make pages for every brand and product, plust dozens of other related keywords.