Couple Of Questions- Any Input, Please Read. All Is Appreciated.

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    I'm sure if ANYONE can answer these questions, many people could find this help useful. If anyone else has similar questions, please feel free to respond to this thread with them- As I may be able to help you, too.

    1- Does anyone have any tips on how to target low fan based, business-related pages, in order to advertise helpful services to them? The search function isn't working the way it used to, so any ideas on this are appreciated!

    2- Does anyone know of a REPUTABLE site OR forum where you can list fan pages for sale (free of charge), or is this impossible to find? I have plenty to get rid of, but am not finding decent buyers.

    3- Has anyone gotten in trouble for taking admin privileges to suggest friends to fan pages? Or has anyone had a page killed off with this?