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    1. Those forum sign-ups esp. the stupid fucking capchas drive me red with rage. Do these mass submission programs circumvent this? Even when I am doing it legit the stupid bastard capcha is nearly illegible so have to do it like 3 times.

    2. Do you get much more linkjuice for doing extra posts on the same forum with your link in the sig? I was planning on doing a few on the forums that are modded and busy to get my authenticity up a bit.

    3. (thought of while writing) Time management wise what is more effective- doing manual forum posting to context relevant sites or mass subbing with one of the programs- in terms of linkjuice/backlink weight that is. I understand alot won't stick with mass sub and also I imagine wouldn't be context relevant? or at least wouldn't all be since you'd require more than just the ones in your niche since alot won't stick?

    4. One more I just thought of...Should I actively do stuff to get the links indexed? If so what? Been reading pinging is what a few people do, anything else? Some of the forums I've seen are empty and just a spam haven so I the advantage is I can just stuff all my keywords on a post with anchour text but diadvantage is I imagine it will be indexed less..
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