Could you rate my first web design?

For your first try... doesn't look too bad. 2 main pointers:
- Try to get some sense of typography, at the moment the fonts you're using are a little... crued. Try to use fonts that match the flow of the design or add some sort of beauty of its own. Don't just pick a font. Fonts are one of the most important aspects of a website. Fonts are seen EVERYWHERE, so make sure you give it some good attention. The menu buttons for example... it just looks to me you just did it like that because you weren't bother to take the time to create a proper menu.
- Colors, don't be afraid to use colors. And when you use colors, try to see the bigger picture of why you're using them. When I say why, I don't mean you should answer that question in a semantic way. I'm talking through the perspective of the eye. Why would you pick a certain color combination? How does your eye perceive it? Is it pleasant? Does it paint a certain landscape? Is there a certain theme you're trying to go for? Colors don't have to be bland either in order for a website not to look like an 80s Hip Hop clothing line. Try to understand how colors connect/compliment each other.

There are a few more I could put down but I feel those 2 above are the most important once for you at the moment. For the rest, good job on your first design, seriously. Well done :).
Very bad... Sorry. Why is the content, menu, almost everything else in ALL CAPS?

0/100. Try again though. :)
If it's really your first work it's good.
I'm curious to know how you optimized Seo level of this template, or you just did the design?
As it is the first design of your, its good.
make sure to put correct tags like h1, h2 , h3 and blockquotes etc.
It you have given a SEO optimized touch to this design, i will buy this.
I'm not an expert when it comes to these kind of things, but judging from an "average consumer's" perspective, it looks neat. I like it.
For a first attempt that is good :) doesn't stand out too much though so I would maybe recommend some color but other than that it looks great!
I would consider adding some colour but other than that for a first try that is a good job, well done! It doesn't scream out but I think with some work and colour you would give it that kind of impression.
Work on text spacing. Spacing between lines should be bigger, it would be easier on the eye to read.

And use consistent font styles - like use only italic, or only bold to emphasize something. Avoid using them combined.
I would use a little colour, space out a little more so it's easier to read. Other than that I feel for a first time that is a good attempt. Great work!
Not Bad! But try to differentiate the header form other parts! and it seems all the Fonts are in CAPS so try to change it.
Great job for your first design. I would suggest ensuring margins are uniform so that things don't look cluttered. For example, in your section "What People are Saying About Us" the area below seems a little cluttered. The images of the people could have been better organized. Overall, very good job considering it was your first project keep practicing!
It's a nice job for a starter,keep up the good work!

I would only suggest to use some colors such as red,orange,yellow or whatever you like as your "branding" color - sort of speak.I have nothing against simplicity but few "eye-candies" are more then welcome in order to emphasize main goals of your website and to make it simple for readers to concentrate on most important areas of your site..
I liked it and it seemed nice. As you mentioned it is your first design. It needs some extra colors and be more inviting to the users. But good for a first attempt.
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