could use some "keyword" (phrase) help!

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    hello roomates, and :30: for reading my thread! ....

    I have read everything there is and watched every vid
    and I still don't get how proper "keyword phrases"

    in as far as writing an article, submitting to a directory
    and getting rankings in SERPs

    now I know there are lots that rely on "tools", but
    they don't work for me... I've watched the vids
    that walk you through "step by step"

    I HAVE HALF A BRAIN so they don't work for me !
    (even my dog's starting to hate me! he's ahead of you!)

    does anyone use "serps" as a method to determine keywords
    and if so, "can you lend an explanation" of how I can use
    what I see in SERPs to come up with a good article title?

    thanks roomates!!
    I am all ears...

    I would really really appreciate any help!

    if you help me, I will mention you in my prayers tonight! REALLY!

    I think I'm one of :jester:'s kids!

    Jerry doesn't even want me, I asked him for a "tip"
    and he said
    "don't bet on 'no show' in the 5th"

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