Could this domain rank easy?

The idea behind this is not that a guy buy a domain, buy a service like this and then just spam it generating no revenue. This is out of the plan. The idea behind the DR is that the domain can still carry some juice and can help you rank better than a fresh new domain.
It's understandable that you want to capitalize on it. What I am telling you is that DR is not a metric you should pay attention to when looking for an expired domain.

You should only analyze the sites that link to it, not their DR, but the sites themselves, what they are.
PBN backlink is very dangerous this is not long time worke

Your typical PBN backlink you pay 1 time for at $30 is risky since they proliferate the website with customers selling out the website for one time fees. If it's your own PBN or rented from someone who only allows a number of people per website I personally feel like the risk isn't larger than *natural* links that have no control over the association of whose getting a link with yours.
Keep is upsated. We would like ro know more about Kw difficulty..
As i said, i serve content for keyword intent. Example: I have 125 articles. If you search for a main keyword for every article, you will see no one will be ranked (usually KWD 80-100). But i serve articles in a way that users search for. If you query my keywords, they are not even in databases, kwd 0, volume 0 and so on, but in reality they bring 200-500 clicks/month.
Update: 6 April 2024

Steady growth. Still growing and starting to receive more clicks daily, also it starting to rank better.

Yesterday i've added schema to every article with a little PHP script, so it will automatically generate every time i post a new article. Currently are 166 articles live on the website, between 50-100 words each.
I am using Instant Index API from rank math and every post is indexed within 24 hours of being posted. Also added it in bing webmaster.
Started to do some backlinks of good quality but i am still waiting for most of them to get indexed and being seen by G Monster.

No core update effect on this website.

Rankings has improved a little bit. Domain still getting good amount of traffic for an ex PBN/spam site.
Yesterday god 200+ clicks from search results.
This April and May core updates are targeting exactly what you are doing....I don't think this website will live in the long run.
This April and May core updates are targeting exactly what you are doing....I don't think this website will live in the long run.
If it works even after Google update, then OP can replicate same strategy for site flipping.
Domain still doing pretty good. Got a little of a kick but it's coming back. In the last month i've automated everything. Currently 65k pages indexed of out 700k. Still have to wait for some time to have results.
Looks really good bro,

What you mean with "automated"?

How many blog posts right now?
About 700.000 posts, only 65k indexed. But they won't rank from the day getting indexed, have to wait some time so Google will give them a spot in search results.
How are you doing your keyword research?
Don't need research in movie niche. Not accurate at all. Just check for popularity of a movie.
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