could someone please explain to me the point of bookmarking?

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    I looked on youtube and I dont get it so social bookmark is like a favorites in explorer accept its online right?

    do you get backlinks from bookmarking if yes are they permanent?

    do people really go to social bookmarking to look at other people bookmarks?? I dont know why would they as if looking for something i will go to google why would i care what other people look at please explain
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    Well the original idea of bookmarking is about people looking at their friends profile to see what they've bookmarked. The idea is that if you know someone then you might be interested to see the sites they think are good. That's still the goal of the actual bookmarking websites.

    But your right, with the exception of people that actually are real friends, most people don't go looking at bookmarks to find a website. But the bookmark does show up on the public profile page which allows it to be found by the search engines as a backlink.
    Usually not a really strong backlink, but still a backlink.

    There's a secondary feature of the bookmarking sites though, that can get people to look at the bookmarks. If enough people bookmark a site it will show up as a popular site, the more popular the site the higher it shows on the pages. If you have a good enough website and it gets enough bookmarks to reach a popular page then other members of the bookmarking site might bookmark it themselves. Think of the bookmarks as votes.

    So if a site gets popular on a bookmarking site then it will start getting additional backlinks as more and more people make their own bookmarks. This type of situation can result in some of the backlinks becoming more valuable. As well as generating traffic from the bookmarking site itself.

    Getting your page onto the first page of Digg for example could result in enough traffic to take down your server. That's not a common occurance, but it can happen.

    So to answer your question the typical reason to go after bookmarks is that they are backlinks. They might not be the strongest but they're one of the easiest to get. If you use a paid service it's usually the cheapest as well. When I set up a new website it's usually the first backlinking I get, and then I start working on better ones.

    If you have a really good site then the additional reason is in the hope of getting popular on one or more of the sites. That usually takes a different strategy and is a little harder than just creating a lot of bookmarks on all the bookmarking sites.

    When you start doing article submissions, then bookmarks also become a pretty good starting point for getting backlinks to your articles.
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