Could I rank with this issue of insane spam?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rowebil, Apr 28, 2014.

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    So, as we all know in life -- there are bad things in good, and good things in bad. I am wondering if there is a good thing in this bad issue.

    I have this site (which will basically benefit from higher page views) that is utilizing 700% of my hosts CPU lol.

    I am getting over 60,000 page views a day.

    I know it isn't real people, but Google crawled 19,777 pages just alone in April, and this started around the 14th. In about 7 days, the site had 768,909 total requests. This month it had 1,092,594 requests.

    Now, I did not do any SEO to this site -- it's just a domain with a picture of me -- and a forum directory. I'm sure it is the forum that has just been loaded with spam.

    But - if I am potentially on so many other spam forums, wouldn't that rank my site if I create a Wordpress blog and select keywords?
    I'm not ranking for the specific keywords that the spam is advertising. If I rank (local keywords) with low competition, would Google rank my site high because the URL is on thousands of search results within Google?

    I am a SEO newbie so please understand that.
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    Sure why not? Your best bet is to try it out, and see what happens. I would get a few high quality links as well.
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