could anyone give me suggestions for my blackhat referral idea?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Panoush, Mar 8, 2014.

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    *sorry if this is in the wrong subform*
    Hello everyone! I have been a lurker on this site for years, but I believe this is my first post :) anyway..

    I have developed my own lil method that compliments my lifestyle, but I need more ideas :)

    I am a traveller, never staying in one place for long.. But back to that bit later..

    Recently I signed up to the free bitcoin faucet "QoinPro" , basically you just have to sign up, once youv done that you get sent bitcoin, litecoin and more cpryptos everyday, and you don't have to login everyday to recieve them (you never have to log in again if you don't want to because the coins get sent to us wallets automatically) .

    They have such an easy referral program, when your referral validates their email you get a permant bonus to your daily coins. So what I do because I'm a traveller , always in new WiFi hotspots and peoples houses (sometimes 3 new ip's a day) I delete the cookies and cache from browser, click my referral link that's in a paste bin link, and sign up with a temporary email, just click the email link, and then I get a permant increase in coins for my main profile..

    This has been working good so far , but I need some more sites like QoinPro with easy easy referral rewards, preferably not another bitcoin one but idm.
    I was going to do it with "points to shop" because u can get 1usd for every sign up, but found it it only applys for us accounts and I'm in EU.

    So could any kind people please reccomend me some sites with simple referral programs\rewards which I can utilize my method??

    And if your a traveller or always connecting to new Ips I reccomend doing this as its working a charm for the one site I currently do it on! Thanks a bunch for any help!
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    So you are basically stealing from these companies by sending them fake referrals?
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    Seems like a pyramid type scheme:

    Let me know if you ever get to cash out OP.