Correcting IP Geolocation in Google Search for IPs

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    Hello everyone.

    I have been digging into the forum for a while, and I cannot seems to find the right answer or right terms to find the answer to what we are having here. Basically, we are a hosting provider and we have large qualities of IPs, with quite a few that have not been in use for some time, due to previous customer uses with the IPs. However, we have started getting some requests from some people for servers with atlanta based IPs.

    Naturally, we are located in Atlanta and so it should not be an issue. However, the customer came back and said they are not in Atlanta, dispite the Geolocation saying it is all in Atlanta, but google report it as in San Antario instead. So I was thinking, cannot be right, so I installed the proxy on it and tested the results, and apparently, they are correct on this.

    So, the question is, how do I get Google to update their information so that the /21 range we have are actually located in Atlanta where we are located, and host our servers. We are multihomed to several carriers though our router, and we looking for information on how to get it all corrected. I do not want to log into each IP and do Precise Location change link at the bottom of the Google Search page to get it corrected for the /21 range.

    Is there a tool or method to get all of this corrected so it matches our Geolocation information for our IPs so Google can respect the correct information for it?
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    I dont know if there is an email you could use for this. In my opinion your best bet would be to use twitter. Hit up @googlewmc and find a couple other googlers and ask them.