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Corliss Online Group Financial Magazine News Website Reviews

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by odileprey, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. odileprey

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    Dec 8, 2013
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    The actual process of buying shares is given a short discussion in the website. The five basic steps are mentioned. The whole process, however, can only be accomplished through the assistance of a brokerage which gets paid for providing the service ? the estimated fees are also given, thankfully. But there is no specific name or qualifications mentioned on the homepage as to which of these reputable brokerages are trustworthy and what particular service they are capable of providing beyond purchasing and selling stocks for traders.

    For example, people might want to find out what particular factors would differentiate a good brokerage from a bad one, or a good one from an excellent one. Furthermore, does the ?market maker? perform a mere waiter?s job of taking your orders and delivering them to you or do they have certain qualities such as aggressiveness or expertise in trading itself that will help the client determine whether the stock is worth buying or selling? Or is this not the job of another person, like the broker or a financial consultant whose expertise is to give advice on trading? How are the three ? market maker, broker and financial consultant different? How are they similar or related? Just some of the questions popping out of one?s mind as one reads the mag.

    Yes, the website advises the investor-learner to get some virtual practice online. And once you have gotten enough knowledge about buying shares, how often does one have to check the market in order to get enough experience to become a successful trader? How much time does it involve to monitor one?s investments ? one hour, three hours or eight hours each day? How many days a week? Will investing in stocks require a big chunk of a person?s time such that it will become almost like a full-time job?

    Providing or not providing such kind of information will determine whether people will be encouraged to get into the wagon and join the ride. Some of the practical and valuable information most people should need to have in order to make that crucial decision to part with their money and take the risk of making or losing it.