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Corect me if i am wrong but it's seem like Click Bank is full of Scam according to us law

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Abcxyz77, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Abcxyz77

    Abcxyz77 Regular Member

    Jan 17, 2015
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    I have read the definition of spam:
    Medical Products and Devices

    To report e-mail that involves possibly fraudulent claims about medical devices or products (for example, so-called "miracle" cures) please email the Food and Drug Administration at [email protected]

    Seem like there are a lot of Click Bank products so-called "miracle" cures!
    And this one

    Health and Diet Scams
    Health and diet scams prey on the insecurities some people have about the state of their well* being. These insecurities make some people particularly susceptible to the scams because they
    may be reluctant or embarrassed to discuss their problems with a doctor, or they can't afford to buy legitimate drugs or treatment. The scams attempt to lure consumers with promises of quick fixes and amazing results, discount pricing, fast delivery, waived prescription requirements, privacy, and discreet packaging. The email offering these items will have subject lines that look like the following:
    •Need to lose weight for summer?
    •Reduce body fat and build lean muscle without exercise
    •Increase Your Sexual Performance Drastically
    •Young at any age
    •Takes years off your appearance
    •Natural Health Remedy That
    •Gives energy and burns fatWorks!
    Though they may be backed by customer testimonials, beware: the products don't work.
    I'm just an affiliate from 3rd country, US law don't apply on me but i just wonder is there any chance that they could fire a case oversea to sue me? i think they will find these Vendors first!
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  2. MonsterMag

    MonsterMag Power Member

    May 2, 2015
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    My Journey Discussion
    Thanks to the gov for the keyword suggestions... ;)
  3. rjd1265

    rjd1265 Regular Member

    Nov 6, 2014
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    Green Bay, WI
    As of today, you will see Clickbank's market place severely decrease with all these products.

    They just did an audit on all their vendors sites and the ones that claim to "cure" or "reduce" were heavily hit. ie cure herpes, learn how to grow taller, gain better eyesit, sure vertigo and so on.

    The make money online niche will be next than after that i foresee the diet and health niche really being looked at.

    A popular eBook on CB claims you can lose "X" weight in "X" days so things like this will be targeted. I am thinking the only way they will be able to sell claims like this will be to actually have it medically tested. The FTC is really cracking down on stuff like this; i am guessing they are sick and tired of getting complaints from people who are getting ripped off!