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    hey i have recenlty been getting good suply of new and unique article and i usulayy test them for copyscape before i submit them to AC but today i exahausted the 5 searches a month copyscape limite,i tried using many prpxy even with a VPN it didnt worked :weep: any way to do unlimited no of search for free ? or will i just have to pay them :eek:
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    Clear your cookies and cache before you use copyscape again.
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    did not worked
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    You've got two free options on this Keshnav, you can post your article on a blog you have laying around or is fine and then paste the URL into copyscape, its free this way but time consuming.

    The way I do it just use DupeFree Pro. If the article is no more than 15% duplicate content it will pass copyscape. That's copyscape's cutoff ie: at least 85% new material. Of course you have to have the original "non passing" article to compare it to in Dupefree.

    hope this helps
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