Copyscape Sucks... Anyone know of a good Duplicate Content Checker

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    I've lost all faith in copyscape as there are just so many inaccuracies I can never trust it anymore, so I always end up searching snippets of content on google in "quotes " but that can be a pain in the Ass... I prefer to check an entire article at once and be done with it!

    Anybody know of an accurate Duplicate content checker that would catch the following paragraph:

    After studying 35 years of data from nearly 11,000 male and female volunteers, Danish researchers found that a receding hairline, a bald spot on the head, xanthelasma (small, lumpy, yellow deposits on, above, or below the eyelids), and lastly; a crease in one or both earlobes can increase heart attack risks.

    According to my Premium Copyscape account there is no duplicate content to be found, however this content can be found on and is indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing

    I appreciate your help