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    I've posted this method before but as I just had such a successful morning with it I thought I'd post a little reminder for those who missed it the first time, or any newbies.

    1. Do a copyscape check on any page of your site that you actually wrote yourself.
    2. Send a legal sounding email to any offending sites.
    3. get links (or cash)

    here's the email I use

    The Manager

    It has just come to my attention that the below mentioned webpage

    is using large parts of text from without any prior permission being given. The website has been online for over 12 years and is undeniably the copyright holder of this material. This can be checked at if in any doubt.

    If this matter is not rectified immediately a DMCA infringement will be lodged with all major search engines, including Google and Yahoo. The offending site then may be deindexed thereby being removed from their search results.

    This matter may be rectified in one of two ways.

    1. The payment of a $5000 licence fee to use the plagiarised text.
    2. The placement of a link from the offending text to
    with the anchor being the word ?your best anchor?.

    Please treat this matter seriously, as we are. Please rectify this matter in one of the 2 ways listed by 30/03/11 to avoid any further action on by us.

    I seem to get about 30% giving me a link, 30% editing the page and the rest just ignore it. (If you adjust the cash amount someone may even pay you. I use anything from $500 to $10,000 depending on who I catch out)

    When I did this this morning I found large chunks of my site on 3 sites about upcoming conferences in my area (I run a area specific travel site - so a link from these may be worth thousands in bookings) and even an international airline. I definately will be following those ones up.
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