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Should we just do nothing or act?

  1. Create The Website for user's?

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  2. Just wait it out?

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  3. Leave Youtube?

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  4. Start a partition?

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    May 7, 2014
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    -Online Gaming community.
    I, im making a website that will allow you to upload, share, blog what you love to game, watch, share or talk about the most.
    I am looking for anyone willing to start a user creation with me, to stop all the downhill spiraling frustration i have seen and read all over, from websites like YouTube. ( I am still a fan of youtube but its safe to say most of us want the old youtube back)
    I have some old and one new youtube channel where i have no copyright issues. If you would like help getting your video posted on youtube or already have and or might get copyright, We will gladly help you! All we ask is you give the artiest/actor or that individual CREDIT FOR HIS/HER WORK. just message below or private message me to start getting help.