Copy site content to a new site, tools, how?

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    May 4, 2009
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    I want to copy a website's "content", its a business catalog with a few thousand companys. I want that company content info, like phone, etc.

    The target site is a php site, not WP, no RSS, Sitemap etc.
    New site can be made in WP, thats no problem.

    So the question is how i copy that content in a easy way.

    I have done a "website ripper copier" run, so i have it all in a html copy if that would help.

    I will explan the content that i want to copy, thats is displayed within the html file & page.

    So do anyone know how i can batch this job so it dont have to be manually handled.
    Or if anyone know someone that can help to this for a small amount.