copy of India utility bills


Jul 17, 2008
I need a copy of india utilty bills anyone have one or more that they would care to send the image to me?
Would of thought with all the people here from india new dehli that one person has a copy of there water or electric bill they could scan to the internet and send me so i can photo shop it . Anyone?
Would you send your utility bill to anybody? I wouldn't. But if you need a copy of their bank statements, I am sure you will get a better response. lol
O please its just a copy of a utilty bill you cant get any info off that except there name address and the amount of water they use hell take off the name and address i dont need it anyways, i just want to create a few more copies of it with names and my own addresses etc.
im gonna bump this for you - because I really need to know why you want this. It has been bugging me for the past 8 what in the world would you want a utility bill from india for? lol
Yea all i need is one that can be used to verify many paypal accounts they froze my accounts in india til I show them a utilty bill with the names address etc and all i need is a copy of one bill and will photoshop the dang info in it . I want my money dang it lol. so cant someone from new delhi india send me a copy of there bill without your name and address on it. I will give you one shoppingads account in trade.
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