COPEAC no longer accepts incentive traffic.


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Nov 24, 2007
The thread title says it all.

I received an email today stating that COPEAC is no longer accepting incentive traffic due to the quality of leads and fraud activities. Accounts that were set up for incentive traffic will be removed with in a few days and so will all incentive offers.

This will be a hit to some members here so if you didn't get an email, consider this as your warning/heads up.

This isn't the end, go back out and start making money with new networks and with different methods.
That does suck indeed..Ads4dough and Xy7 has some good ones. I had one on XY7 converting pretty well.
I was JUST about to post a thread about this becuz i'm just now gettin around to reading that email. I'm truly FUCKED I mean honestly I'm probably just going to keep doing it anyway but i hate not having a choice but to break the rules lol I'm prob going to apply to some new networks this weekend
Incentive Offers are becoming Obsolete. Too many fraudsters ruined that starting in summer 0f '07. Lots of BIG Companies had Excellent "Free Trial" offers like, Blockbuster, Netflix, Video Professor, and that one? $40+ for a free trial sign-up).

Most of them have either gone completely Non-incent, or now pay sh@t with rediculous traffic requirements or waiting periods.

The big "Incentive site" boom of '07 Pretty much Killed the Incentive offers because it was too easy for scammers to fraud the offers, get they're gift and run. Change to a private proxy and do it again.

Hydra, clickbooth, maxbounty, and many others Stopped incentive offers almost over night that summer. and closed Most of their Incentive based sites Accounts. I lost Max and Hydra plus I had to wait 6 months for my commissions, for them to be paid from the Advertisers.

I did however manage to keep clickbooth.

But there is some good news. There are still a few CPA Networks that specifically target Incentive site owners and Promoters. I'm not gonna list them here, but google and you'll find 'em.
Hmmm - I never received this email from Copeac. Thanks for posting this.
If anyone is Looking for a strickly Incentive based Network, I have one that I've used for over a year. They are Net30 or Net20 when you start, but that is modified if you bring quality leads over a period of time.

Code: Or

the second is my referral link, I'd appreciate if you use that but you don't have too. the first one is the direct link.

Hope that helps :)
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