COPEAC down . . . AGAIN???


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Mar 29, 2009
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Is it just me, or is COPEAC's site messed up again?

Their site went down the other night for a while too... jeez COPEAC yer breakin my balls!

Nothing soothes the soul like getting emails from people who want to complete my offers, saying that the link I gave them is broken.

Money down the drain.
It has been strange for me lately. Links down sometimes, other times it's fine. I dunno
Been the same for me as well, not counting clicks but counting conversions, taking minutes to load, sometimes only loading half the page, sounds like they have a server issue.
It's the opposite for me, counting the clicks but no conversions so far. And I usually get 1:10 ratio so this is very odd.
Clicks are counted but very low conversion rate. Out of the ordinary low.
EDIT: Nvm, mine is counting clicks and leads perfectly now.
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Actually I talked to my AM directly on AIM but I was told "traffic didn't always convert". BS.

Yeah that doesn't sound right. How can someone have consistent conversions everyday and then have a huge drop all of a sudden? Especially when you're using simple email submits and the same offers.
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