Coolhandle refused to sell me hosting

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by paincake, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Today I bought coolhandle's shared hosting package (the one that costs $6 for a year). An hour later I got an email from paypal saying they sent me a refund. Apparently, my order was marked as fraud. I wrote a ticked asking wtf was wrong (paraphrased) and that's was their reply:

    So basically they're saying "fuck off and die, we don't want to do anything with you and we're not even going to tell you why"

    All of the info I gave them was 100% legit; I have no idea why they flipped me off...
    Just wanted to share this with everyone.
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    Depending on what system they use, there might have been a problem with the fraud rating system they use. We use Maxmind and sometimes it throws off fraud warnings as the person might have used a proxy to signup and order, given their correct details, but then Maxmind gives warning that distance between IP and billing address do not match, etc.

    Another one is the fact signing up from a free email isp also adds a risk factor to it.

    It might help if you send them another email asking what the problem was, that you are prepared to fix whatever was wrong etc.
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