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Cool tutorial - putting your own Call To Action in videos

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by tony-raymondo, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. tony-raymondo

    tony-raymondo Junior Member

    Jun 19, 2009
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    I'm a YouTube newb so this might have probably already been discussed here.

    But I was personally amazed by this guys tutorial.

    I'm probably be late to the party on this one. And the vid is from 2011. Does YouTube still let you add 56x56 pictures in ads? I don't recall seeing them on youtube...
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  2. zander64

    zander64 Junior Member

    Nov 25, 2008
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    this tutorial is so outdated, i tried to follow, but the pages are all changed, and it takes u to adwords.

    Wel, at lest I have $100 in a new adwords acct now.

    No help with YT


    Its been moved: video manager/edit video/promote
    sorry, seems they stopped this work around, I cant find a way without setting a budget to promote my video for les tan 5.25 a day


    [h=2]Create a video ad campaign with the AdWords for video tool[/h]
    AdWords for video is a campaign management tool specifically designed to help you build online video campaigns more quickly and deliver more video-specific reporting. You'll use YouTube-specific TrueView formats that can appear on YouTube, or in, on, or around videos across the Google Display Network. These campaigns can only contain TrueView video formats, which use cost-per-view (CPV) pricing. Your video creatives must be hosted on YouTube. To build your AdWords for video campaign, you'll need to:

    • Begin setting up your new campaign.
    • Create your video ad formats.
    • Define your targeting settings.

    • You can make several different types of video ads in AdWords with two different tools: AdWords for video, and the display ad builder. Learn the difference between the two.
    • Before you make your video ads, you may want to spend a little time exploring the best practices for creating effective video ads. This can help you get the best performance out of your ads right from the start.
    • Link your YouTube account to AdWords: To take full advantage of AdWords for video reporting metrics within your account in the future, we recommend that you link your YouTube and AdWords accounts. Click Link your YouTube account from the AdWords for video side navigation menu on any AdWords for video campaign page. You can also link more than one YouTube account.

    To create a video ad campaign, you'll need to build the basics of your campaign, then select your targeting settings. If you don't have an AdWords account, you can sign up and create your first video campaign athttp://adwords.google.com/video.
    Start your video ad campaign
    Select your targeting settings
    Create a new video ad in an existing AdWords for video campaign
    Create a call-to-action overlay for your YouTube video
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