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Jul 16, 2008
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I wonder if it could be possible to make an autoblog software that actually spins designated rss feeds and then posts the content? You could make a shit ton of these and increase your rank as your site ages. Damn, then get an auto commenter thatll post on your blog as well as others to create backlinks and reputation. You will have created an actual snowball. Like the one Warren Buffet speaks of..

What do you guys think? Is this a n00b thread because this is already possible and everyone here does exactly that for autoblogging? I am only curious. Thanks guys for your input(s)
If I understand you correctly, with the exception of the auto-commenting, this is essentially how many of the automated blog content generation packages work.
I've found the most productive content generator to be my brain and fingers. I keep trying auto posts and such and still find my time best spent writing. I don't like writing, but the other alternatives really haven't paid off for me.
So how much would I have to write before I saw any kind of return for adsense? I hate writing but I can articulate when I put in the effort. Would I have to post like evryday for 2 moths before I see 50 cents per blog? That would be a waste of time
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