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Cool bookmarklet to highlight nofollow links on page

Discussion in 'General Scripting Chat' started by paincake, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. paincake

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    Aug 18, 2010
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    I know there are browser extensions that highlight nofollow links, but i'm using chrome and the only extension for that sucks. I found this bookmarklet and I wanna share it with everyone. Just create a new bookmark in your browser and enter this into URL field:
    javascript:function highlightNofollow(){var newStyle=document.createElement('style');newStyle.type='text/css';newStyle.appendChild(document.createTextNode('a[rel~=nofollow]{border:1px dashed #852! important;background-color:#fcc! important;}'));document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(newStyle);};highlightNofollow();
    Now every time you click on this bookmark, it will highlight all nofollow links in the current page.