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    After reading these threads for hours and days I feel like I can get some people to fill in their email addresses. I highly doubt they will go to page two though and fill in their names and personal addresses.

    Do I need to worry about this? Or will it be ok that my conversion rate is near zero?

    These are for offers that you get paid on page 1.

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    You should worry as it's only a matter of time before the merchant says this affiliates leads are not converterting. If the merchant is making no money they complain to the network and then the network investigates you and a ban could be around the corner. I learned the hard way as i thought simply getting them potential customers would be enough and then bam i was banned :( the key is getting real leads mixed in with incentived leads so they won't notice. Or go to extreme lengths to join multiple cpa networks with the same offers and rotate through all so you can fly semi under the radar but the best way is to get legit leads and mix less of a hassle for me personally.
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    Good tip! I think this is the way to go. Mixture of both white hat and black/grey hat. You dont want to give all bad leads to the merchant. ITs almost stealing plus think of it this way if they pull out of a netowkr caue they arent making m oney YOU arent going to make money cause you have nothing to promote. think about it.