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    Hi all,

    I have been running ads now for about 1,000 clicks and only had 5 sales out of them.

    I have dynamic keywords on my ads and about 1,500 keywords.

    I was originally using exact match but have now switched to phrase match which obviously means more impressions and clicks.

    My ads are basically the same for each ad group:

    huge range, best prices
    Free next day delivery

    My store looks pretty good I think so kind of boggled as to where to go from here.

    I am happy with my CPC and ad position so if I can even get a 1.5 - 2% conversion rate then I will be making a profit.

    Should I trim down on the keywords I am using? Or maybe go back to exact match only?

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    Create tight ad groups (rule of thumb: not more than 15 keywords per ad group)
    Play around with ad copy. Use Capitalization and call to action (Buy Now!). Your current ad copy is too generic and I see no real USP. If I want a huge range and best prices I can order from Amazon ;) So, how do you convince me to buy from you instead of Amazon or some other big retailer?
    With a better ad copy your conversion rate will definitely go up. And for the keyword match type I recommend you to use exact match & modified broad match.
    Also check the performance on mobile and desktop. If your site is not good on mobiles, switch off ads for mobile.
    There is so much you can do in order to increase the conversion rate. Also, check your it clear? Do customers find what they are looking for? Can you improve the user experience?
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    It's not about quantity of keywords, it's their quality. You may be using keywords that are too generic thus getting lesser quality impressions and clicks. There are also settings you should look into such as search partners and display network which should be separate from the search network, if you are to use display at all.

    Your ads will influence your conversions as well as click rate but they go hand in hand. You will get more clicks by offering something they are looking for which helps pre-sell. So typically, higher CTR ads also get higher conversion rates.

    Test different ads to see what makes people click and buy. Your ads are bland and with better ones, both those rates will go up.

    But the landing page is what converts. The ads help get people in the door and pre-sell. The page must close the deal. You may not be doing this right. It's not about looking good but about convincing the visitor that you have the best value.
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    Here's another suggestion: have you tried placing your CTAs above the fold? Sometimes, just changing small parts of your website can result in a dramatic improvement of your CTR.