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    In the end, this turned out to be another 'TAKE ACTION NOW' post. Though I only wish to introduce the 'IDEA' tag, not just for myself, but others who like me write down TONS of ideas and niches daily and cannot make use of them all, to add to the fountain of success that is BHW. I'll let the post exist to show my thought process/motivation for the idea.


    Hello BHW, long time no see. Then again, who the hell knows me around here to begin with? I've long since bothered to be active around these parts and that has both it's ups and downs, I'm sure some of you can figure out why.

    But enough of that mess, I've got more wall of text to spare before I get to the meat of this post. You've long since noticed the 'IDEA' tag I put up in the title and probably have somewhat of a clue on what this thread will contain. I just want to explain myself before I do, to make sure you take these words as serious as this moment actually is.

    I've long since registered and truly believed from the get go that you could make money online, even before I myself had done so. Because of that belief, I was able to put in time - working out ideas, finding problems, discovering and forming methods with which I could create an online asset. In short, I believe you could make money and I was motivated and inspired to make my goal of actually doing it myself come true.

    The fact that you're reading this probably says you've spent as much time, if not more, as I have. You know about how to make money different ways, how to research a problem, throwing ideas "at a wall and seeing what sticks" for lack of a better statement, etc. You know how it feels and how much time and effort it takes. And now, getting closer to point, you know that things won't always go your way. Sometimes methods don't work out. Sometimes companies stiff you on payments. Sometimes companies reject your ideas and your applications. But enough of the gab, and on to why I was motivated to come back to one of the places that started it all for me.

    After listening to some audios of Earl Nightingale (which I discovered through BHW), I've decided to choose all the things that haven't worked for me and bring them here, to BHW.

    You know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? Well I believe that statment is true, and I've decided from now on to bring back "failed" ideas, niches, and projects, and anything else I haven't or COULDN'T use for myself, to BHW.

    If that offends you, you're probably not going to get anything out of this. For those who know the importance of an idea, you know that you can never have enough of them. It's for that reason, and maybe a couple others, that I bring back all the ideas I couldn't handle, to you who may be able to use them to be as profitable as I saw them, or even greater.

    How many of you have had an idea so wonderful that you just knew once you started to build a project around it, success would soon follow you like a street animal seeking the meat hanging out of your back pocket? Alas, one way or another, not all of these great plans come into reality, but that doesn't mean they aren't great ideas - YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT.

    It's that last statement that I finally get to the damn ending of this post and say I hope someone gets successful off of anything I bring here, and that's not because I want to claim credit for your success. I truly believe you can be successful anywhere, anytime, and I just want so badly to show it to the world. If my ideas can help you open your eyes, you many who scour these forums for methods, tips and tricks on how to make money, then my goal will be realized.

    All that I ask is you consider these ideas with your FULL attention. I know many of you do this, because I have done so myself, as well as lurked the forum from time to time. STOP DISMISSING METHODS BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK FOR ONE, TWO, OR 400 PEOPLE. Have YOU tried it yet? Don't sell yourself short, you ARE unique, what may not work for others JUST MIGHT spew streams of success because of YOU.

    I'm slowly beginning to think that nothing in life is original, though it's only because I'm learning about myself as a musician and slowly applying that same thought about how I "create" phrases, outward to life in general.

    With that I mean that most, if not every method you see has been done before, somewhere, somehow. It may be the EXACT same method, or have a new face after being TWISTED. I just read one of the best WSOs from the DL section that I've seen in a while. But if you critique it for originality, you'll see it's made up of old techniques on a new platform. It's still worth every penny at it's price (maybe more) though.

    Case in point, the offline methods. Are they not using the same knowledge for online businesses in another venue? How about international CPA? Ranking websites in different languages because of less competition? It goes on and on, if you poke and prod enough, you'll see I'm not lying.

    With that I end this massive post and congratulate all those who took the time to read it out in full. It shows me you're serious about this business (which it should be - a business, not some get-rich-quick-scheme) and even more importantly, you're serious with yourself. That's the first step in realizing the greatest things inside of you that are waiting to come out. Thank you and I seriously hope you'll never stop striving for success, whether it's with me or not. Remember BHW itself is a spring of ideas, time and time again people tell you that all you need to succeed is in these very forums, and FOR FREE.

    So grab hold of an idea on BHW, DON'T EXPECT THE BEST OR WORST OUT OF IT and DON'T JUDGE IT RIGHT AWAY. You're just killing potential ideas that may work for you, and as I said before, when it comes to ideas, THE MORE, THE MERRIER.

    Can't buy a domain? Can't access a paypal account? CPA companies rejecting you? Don't have scrapebox? These are mere SPEED BUMPS, not walls the same height as the length of the Great Wall of China between you and success. Stop creating obstacles before the idea is even ON PAPER, fully thought out.. All obstacles can be overcome, like a car needs gas to accelerate over a speed bump, motivation, inspiration, and FAITH in yourself and your ideas WILL get you through.

    Get an idea you TRULY have an interest in. Explore all the possibilites around it- FIND OUT THE PROBLEM IT'S TRYING TO SOLVE, brainstorm MORE ideas, and THEN classify each idea based upon how hard it is to implement, how much time it will take, how much money it will take, and how effective the idea is.

    With that I end recommending Earl Nightingale, at least his creative thinking series. I've just started with this guy, and even though I know a positive outlook on things is not enough to be successful, he speaks common sense in a way that motivates you to be the best you can RIGHT AWAY. That's how I see it right now, in a year or less I'll give a much more detailed review, haha.

    End the night with good thoughts BHW.
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