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Oct 4, 2015
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PM sent.
Count on me for a review copy.
Hey, no more review copies for now.



@PropertyGrow wrote a very well researched article on a subject I am sure is not something he knew a bunch about before our request.

It was well formatted, had a relevant image and headings as well inside the content to break it up.

Some very minor editing will be needed but not enough for me to ask for any updates by any means.

Good content, delivery quickly with solid research.

Well done!

I received a 500-word review from @PropertyGrow . My review mirrors @BassTrackerBoats . Solid content on something I provided minimal direction on, formatting was on point. A couple quick edits needed before publishing, but overall impressive work and good turnaround time. Great stuff! Thanks for the review!

Received a review copy from the seller for a 500 word article.

1) The article has 670 words - an over-delivery of 170 words on a free article
2) The article is very well-written with no modifications needed. It can be published directly on the website.
3) The article is divided into 5 sub-headings with explanation of each. The formatting is very solid.
4) The content quality is very good and you can use him for money sites other than amazon or product reviews. The flow of words is natural and not broken like someone just wrote for sake of writing.
5) Quite a lot of research was put into this.

So I would gladly give this service 5/5.

P.s. my free article will help me bring in few visitors every month.

Received A Review Copy
There was a misunderstanding which was 100% My Fault. The Article I received was great and well constructed .

If you do Your research right and choose the right target these articles will rank. They are designed for SEO and Readability. Very well formatted for the Search Engines.

I was lucky enough to get a 500-word review copy from @PropertyGrow and all I can say is wow!

The article is an “about us” page for one of my sites. It is fantastically well written, and there has clearly been some research into the topic.

After reading the page, it made me want to buy some of my products. Thank you for the review, and I look forward to coming back to buy more articles.

I received a 500-word review from @PropertyGrow It is very well written, and there has clearly been some research into the topic.
So I would gladly give this service 5/5.
Thank you mate.

Alrighttttt guys, it's review time:

Readability: 10/10 - Humorous and informative writing style, perfect for ranking articles.
Uniqueness: 100% copyscape passed, I've attached a screenshot.
Communication: Seller promptly responded throughout the entire process.
Word count: 645/500 - seller over-delivered.
Flow: Article connects through the information nicely.
Yoast Score: Readability in the green, equipped with headings and external links.

I would recommend this seller to anyone buying content.

Note: This is a review and you should expect the same quality I received.

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I got a review copy and if i have to say about that Its very impressive writing. The topic require definitely a research, they exactly did that as the expert in that field.

He brings the comparative kind of style in the writing as the keyword requires that , people like to read that content as neatly structured. Thanks mate. Solid service.

Hello everyone!

I asked for a 500 word review copy, the seller provider 650 which was a nice start.

The content itself is excellent. I'm always skeptical when I see "american writers" but I do actually believe they are in this instance.

The content reads really well, and is grammatically perfect. This is grade 1 content.

The topic itself required some research as well (it was about the Amazon affiliate program) and this appears to of been done very thoroughly.

I'm very impressed and I'm happy to share the URL with anyone looking to see the quality.

10/10 :)


I have received a review copy of the service, the seller was pretty fast and clear.

I sent him a sample product and he delivered 526 words for the product.

No grammar mistakes, fast TAT, no words stuffing (only few "The" that are not needed, but missing on other places, so after rechecking end up with 525 words)

Great service for the money.


I was supposed to receive a 500-words article for a review copy.

I received over 600 words. The article itself was about a product and it is very well written without grammatical errors and is formatted well.

Overall, a high-quality piece of content ready to be posted without any editing.

The TAT was fast considering OP got a lot of review copy requests.

Great service. :)

Got a free review copy from @PropertyGrow

I have asked him to write an article on SEO describing my website SEO services in the content. The seller has done the good research on my all the services and wrote the excellent article including the points. The review was for 500 words, but the seller gave me the 700+ words, which is quite impressive.

The article is totally unique, no grammar errors, no spelling errors (checked from Grammarly).

Overall experience: 100% Satisfied.

Most Recommended Service

Received 500 words of content in exchange for this review.

Like other said, the content was top-notch just with a few fixes here and there I published the article on my blog. After reading the content, I can clearly say that he has done some good research on that topic before producing it. The only thing that I didn't like was that the paragraph was very long I like shorter ones but it was my mistake since I didn't give any extra instructions for that.

Overall it's worth giving this service a shot.


I was offered a free 500 word article to try this service.

Turnaround was quick, the article was delivered promptly.

529 words in total, nice to read with no grammar errors.
Just a couple of tiny tweaks to get it to conform with Yoast for the site in question.

Topic required some research and this was evident in the finished article.

Nice service provided.


I received a free review copy from OP - 1 article, 544 words
Gave OP just a raw topic and he managed to provide a very nice relevant and well researched piece.
Grammar is good, nice structure and 100% unique.
I'm really amazed by how a 500+ words piece was created on a topic that you really can't say much about.

Great service!


I got a review copy of 500 words from OP. The topic needs a small research and yet he managed to write about it. The article is formatted like a real blog post you found out there, so yeah it's a time saver.

The article is human readable, flowing, splendid grammar, and would fit for your moneysite content. I would refer someone to this service if anyone asked.

Good luck with your sales.


I have received a free article in order to make a review of the service

I got a 610 words article and it was spot on the topic I have requested. Well researched. Claims like "Native writer" or" American writers" are often seen in content seller advertises but the quality delivered do not match up. In this case, however, the quality seems to fit that description. Nice wordflow, no grammatical errors just high quality all the way.

I'm very impressed with the article I got, and it can go straight on my money page without any editing.

This content is absolut worth the money

I have just ordered my third article, and I am going to be ordering a new one every week.

I am so grateful to @PropertyGrow for the quality work his writers provide. This is by far the best writing service I have used. Seriously worth every penny!

Thank you


I got a 500 words review copy from OP, here are my thoughts.

At first, the article went into a different direction than I wanted. After giving some info and instruction to the writer, they changed the article and it turned out pretty good.

I got almost 800 words after the change.
The writer clearly did his research, the flow is nice.
Headings and bullet points are sufficient and easy to follow, content is concise and informational, no filler bs.
Needless to say, it's unique and error free.

Overall a decent service.

After some minor edit, I'll use the article on my money site.

Got Review Copy.

Got 500 words article from propertygrow. Well formatted with headings. minor edits on grammarly. Copyscrape passed. Article quality is top-notch, can use on money site.
One of the best article writing service !


I received a 466 word article for the purpose of this review.

  • Good - my request was quite specific and required quite a lot of research to deliver. @PropertyGrow asked questions when he was not sure exactly what I wanted instead of blindly having content created, which I liked as it means I get exactly what I want.
  • Excellent - There was a lot of technical information that needed to be conveyed in this article and the writer did a top job in getting this across in a way which flowed and did not read like a spec sheet. Really impressed.

Very impressed and would recommend to others.

excellent quality work. well researched content that is delivered in a timely manner.

ive placed multiple orders and im very happy with the results.




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Sep 4, 2016
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Review Time

I've ordered around 8,000 words of content so far and have been impressed at every step of the process.

Initially there was an issue with one writer but I was quickly informed of the situation and that a new writer would cover my order. I received my order shortly after. Communication on a whole has been great.

As for content quality, this is one of the best content writing services I've used here, especially at this price point. I run all my work through ProWritingAid and there isn't a lot of editing to do.

The content is dependable and I'll continue to order. Great service.


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Sep 28, 2018
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Hi, can I have a $4 sample please (shopping around for a reliable quality writer for a big constant project).