Sep 17, 2010
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The seller provided me very high quality content with a great level of research.
I gave very specific instructions for the article, and all of my points were met exactly as I wanted.
Overall, I highly recommend this service.

Hi, you sent me somebody else's articles.
I got 4 articles about cryptocurrency and chat bots.
I ordered 3 health type articles.
I won't post them, so no worries about that but I really hope you didn't send somebody else mine because they may not be as honest as me.
Please get this sorted and send me my correct articles.
And if anybody got mine, PM me and we can swap, lmao.

Got my order with no mistakes and very enjoyable to read. It's a steal at this price!

Received the articles. Quality/price rate is great. Content does make sense, is not spoon. For this price - Recommended.

Review: 9/10. Price10/10. SEO 9/10. Had to clean the content up a little bit. For the price & delivery time well worth it, it saved me about 3 hours or more of work.

The product descriptions I ordered look great.

Well worth the price, thank you.

Order placed - SK1252. Happy with the first 2 articles, slightly different this time but hoping the quality will be as good as the others.

I just got my article and I'm happy with it. For the price, it's one of the better ones I've bought off the marketplace. The only thing I have a problem with is TAT, 7 days for a 1000 word article seems like a lot. Other than that, it's a good service, I'll probably be back in the future, cheers.

Received my order:

I ordered an article of 1500 words on 27.4. It has been delivered on 30.4. So I am satisfied with the TAT.

Since my niche and requirements of reviews weren't easy, I didn´t expect too much, but the seller surprised me.
It´s readable, researched and there weren´t mistakes in the Grammarly. I had to clean the content up a little bit, but for the price, it´s worth it.

Will order again.

=== Review ===

I got my order delivered on time, they followed my instructions correctly.

I got product descriptions for my client's eCommerce site, they came up with good points which help in selling the products.

Overall, i would definitely recommend this service and it is one of the best services I have used at this price point.


Received my 3 x 1000 words articles. Great quality at $10 an article, Grammly had zero errors, great addition to the blog.

Just got me order. A well researched and very well written article. I am more than happy, the customer service is one of the best i have come across on here or anywhere for that matter. A seller who genuinely cares, good stuff OP
Just preparing the next batch for order and looking into using more of your services for other projects
Edit: Just placed a test order for a product description, so if this is as good i will be using two of your services

Placed an order. Seller has been great to me in the past and this is a fantastic deal.

Got the content. Extremely well researched, only 1-2 errors in the all 3200 words. Very easy to read and engaging. Ordering again today!

Last order was good. Thinking about ordering 1 10k-words article. Any discount for big order? Thanks.

AWESOME!!! ordered 7 more articles - transaction- XXXXX227ET822761L

Very good article, well written. I have just upped my order to three Transaction ID: **************031

Another order for your team. SK12157

Thanks for doing an Excellent job thusfar.

Great communication. Placed my order and noticed a few days later that some of the info I sent was incorrect. OP was very pleasant and said they'd take care of it.
Before my order they answered all my questions in a timely and professional manner. So customer service was spot on!

The writing was really good. Exactly in the style I requested. Highly recommended and will definitely order again.

Back to leave a review! I want to say that this service is AWESOME!! VALUE AND QUALITY IS BEST I HAVE SEEN YET! I am telling you I have used content writers from other threads and other places and in terms of quality and price this is great. I am going to be ordering right away. If they can keep with TAT I will be using them to write content for all my sites, guys this content is good to go for money site content as well. The content they did was well researched and they followed my instructions closely. I barely had to make any adjustments when I was adding the content to the website. I'm going to order immediately right now with more content pages :)! I highly recommend this service and I hope they continue to stay in business.

Received my order, and i'm definitely pleased. For the price, i believe i got a well written piece. Will order again.

Fourth order placed. Very pleased with the service.


Good work so far, just placed another order for three more articles

Transaction ID: **************51M

Received 5 articles. Instructions respected. Price vs Quality is probably the best I've ever received on BHW.

Great Service On My Latest Order Again! I'm going to order again soon keep up the good work content daddy and scale up your business to the next level!

The articles I have received have been well-written and passed copyscape tests. I’m impressed by the extremely well-researched quality content and the additional effort put into making the articles SEO friendly. The quality of the articles are much better than the price they are charging. I hope they keep up the consistency in delivering quality writing.

Got my article (rewrite type) really good indeed for the price! Thanks I’ll order again

Quick Review

Over the last month or so i've ordered 10+ articles from the ContentDaddy service. Each time i've provided a keyword, and sometimes either subheadings or thoughts around the structure / positioning of the article. I think i've maybe changed 2 sentences out of the lot, and that is just because I personally would have written them another way; nothing against the writer.

10/10 would commission again. In fact, I already have. :)

This is the best BANG for your BUCK when it comes to content writing! $1/100 words, many on here are charging WAY MORE and their quality is the same or worse!

Received a 1500+ word article that was HIGH QUALITY, WELL RESEARCHED, & FLOWED EXTREMELY WELL!

Will be ordering again in the very near future

Thanks @onlineventures

It was the first time I've ordered high-quality content. I must say I'm very impressed. Delivery was in the promised TAT, and the article is simply fantastic and just as I wanted it to be (probably wasn't that easy with my vague instructions).

The article made me think about the topic more than I've done before, and that was exactly what I wanted.

Thank you very much! (@The Writer)

If you want high-quality content for a good price, don't hesitate, you won't regret it ;)

I just want to give my review for the content writing. I had them do 23 product reviews and blog posts, over 30k words. Everything came back perfect. I was amazed. I hardly had to change anything with any review. I may only changed a few words on all the reviews due to technical reasons. They did an outstanding job and the English and grammar was perfect. It didn't sound like it was written by someone in a 3rd world country who barely understands English (believe me i know how horrible it would be to get that). The person who did my work had perfect English and actually did research into all of the product reviews. It was written with authority. I will def. use them in the future.


Got my review copy today, here are the details:

Quality : The article was easy to read,friendly and well researched with no grammar errors. Just a few words I've changed myself to fit other contents. 4.5/5

TAT : I received my article after 5 days as described, but I asked him to make some changes. 4.5/5

Communication : Good communication and quick replies. 5/5

Overall : Recommended service. Will definitely order again :)

Good articles, i got 7 x 300 words, use at my adult site :)

will order again.

I received a top quality blog post. Easy to read and no grammar mistakes. Great service for the price! Will definitely come back for more :)

It was the first time I've ordered one 500 words article. I'm very impressed with the quality. Thanks, I’ll order again.

Articles received in 7 days. Great job. Took a few minutes to do some minor edits.

Love the articles! Very well written. Just before i place another order, what is your TAT? (If you can do within 3-4 days i'll place the order right now)

I had them write content for a electrical company website and I'm very happy with the content. I will order again. Thanks!!!

I received my articles today, and I must say that I am more than satisfied. They took utmost care of checking every one of my detail that adds more convenience to me. Grammar is perfect, and the content flow is precise to my liking. I would recommend their service to anyone without any hesitations.

Expect some big orders from me soon. Thanks :)

Very good value for the price. The content is really good. I highly recommend them and have been using them for a while now.

Quick review. Made an order for a 2000 word article somewhat shallow topic. I had to do some very minor editing but was really happy with the results. Already placing my next order.

My order came in and I'm VERY IMPRESSED. Great job guys, you did exactly as I described. You will be my ONLY content people for now on. Thank you!

Ordered a 1000 word article and I am very satisfied with the quality. Highly recommend.


1.Great content with no grammar mistakes.

2.Strong background of the filed.

3. A little bit long for the content for more than ten days but it's ok, maybe too many clients. I will cooperate with him again.

I have received my order, took a little longer then I would have liked but none the less received. Here is my review, the quality was as expected for what I paid for, I didn't have to go back and re-edit text or phrases, they did research the keywords I gave them and wrote a great article in return.

You need to make sure you explain in detail exactly what you want or they may misinterpret things. It helps if you give them your website or blog to give them a example and information they can work with.

I will order from them again, good quality for the price.

10,000 word order received.

All 10 articles are of decent quality, very easy to read and flow nicely. I'm happy with the level of research and my instructions were followed for each article. TAT was within period stated on sales page and I'll be putting in a new bulk order very soon!

All in all a good service for content, and quality better than expected for the price point. One thing I'd suggest for a service improvement, is periodic progress updates for clients. This would provide a better customer experience and put buyers minds at ease.

Ordered 3 articles of SEO optimized content at 2000 words each. The articles were well-written and on topic. Good service. I have placed another order.

Back for another review! Quick TAT and good content as always. Be sure to give them good instructions, if theres any mistakes they will fix them up quick! Keep up the good work.

Perfect service! I received my content of 1000 words in 4 days. The content is good, well researched and well written. Keep up the good work! New order is coming today

Received my 1000 word article faster then expected and I am very impressed with the article. It flowed well and the research was well done! Just a couple little typos but no big deal. I have gone ahead and placed an order for 3 more articles. Order # SK12765
Looking forward to these being just as good as the first one, thanks!

Alright, I just received my first article from this service.

Good work
Well researched subject
Delivery as per TAT

TAT could be better
Very few spelling/gramma/words errors (probably 2-3 in a 2k article)

I was sceptical at first, but this service is definitely worth it for a money site (for me at least). I'm preparing for a 5k order now.

Keep the good work up.

Just wanted to say that I'm impressed with what I received. Very good quality/price ratio. Thanks.

Very impressed with the quality and readability of the articles. My go to vendor for this type of content now. Highly recommend. Great job!

Placed 5th order. Great content for price. Order number: SK12897

Ok, got an article. Well, now I must confess: I'm a robber. This is the only explanation why I got such an excellent-quality article for such a low cost.

But if seriously, the overall quality is perfect, and I don't mean the results of the Grammarly check. I mean the construction of the sentences, readability, and overall quality. Now I'm your lifetime client. Thank you a lot.

Got my content, and took a couple days to get a chance to review it.
It read very well, very well researched.
I liked that the article took my keyword and sprinkled in some quality LSIs and didn't stuff the keyword.

I tweaked the article a bit before posting, primarily because I had a few LSIs I didn't ask to be added and to work on perfecting layout for my blog.
Overall, probably tied for first for the best content I have ever purchased and when I factor in cost, it becomes MORE valuable.

Great work, will be coming back for more!

The op takes care of the customer satisfaction seriously.

High quality work delivered!!

Just received my 4,000 words article. Quite happy with the result. TAT was on time as well. Quality is 9/10. Value for money 10/10

Thank you. Will definately order again.

Absolute bargain for what you get, here is my next order SK121032.

I ordered 4 more articles. Impressed with the work.
Receipt number: 7FJ89950J65510344

I'm usually skeptical about ordering content from sellers here on BHW but the article I received was surprisingly good. The information within the article was accurate and it was free of grammatical errors. I can't say the same about the crap I get from Iwriter or Textbroker. I will definitely be back in the near future.

I received my content and it is a surprisingly good quality for the price point. Keep up the good work. Will be back for more.

One of my favorite writing service on BHW. Just placed 2 new orders. Kindly check and let me know if there is any problem.

Received the order and I am very happy with the result! Will definitely be back for more orders. Thanks!

I ordered him to write a product description.
After 2 days he sent me the article, very fast.
He researched products that I provided and wrote very professionally. I am very pleased with the article received.

Thank you

Placed another order SK121236. Great quality! I will continue to use these guys.

I order from this guy regularly, and I should say the communication, article quality, and TAT are all top-notch.

Very impressive first article, I will definitely be ordering again.

Ordered 1 x 2000 article. Really great quality. TAT is as described. High level of English. Would highly recommend this service. 5 out of 5!

Short Review

Ordered 2000 word vs/comparison article on 25th Aug.

  • 3 day TAT was excellent
  • 2318 words delivered
  • Research was good for an unusual niche
  • Writing quality was sublime for this price point
I will spend a few minutes making some small changes to the article, I am English so I'll tweak a few words here and there to make it sound more natural to me.
With that said, I am extremely happy with the content. I've seen samples from sellers charging more than twice as much who offer lower quality.

This service offers good value for money in my eyes and I'll definitely be ordering again once I get more organised with my article "hit list".

SK121347 - I don't know how you keep pumping out such good content but it's going to be a sad day when you stop. Nothing this good lasts forever. I just wish I had more money.

Recieved an article and got to say the I was quite happy with it. I gave a a topic and let them run with it. The flow of sentences were good and easy to read, as well some good points were brought up. The TAT was quick and I would definitely recommend there service.

back for more. Great stuff.

I just received my order. The content is decent enough and they delivered within the promised time frame. Thanks.

Got my article. As usual excellent work for the price point. Keep it up. More to come.

I see a lot of people asking for samples. Really, for this price just order 500 words and read it.

I ordered a "product" vs "product" vs "product" 3000 words article and I must say, this is THE BEST content provider on BHW!!

I had content priced @ $3, $4 and even $6 per 100 words and were not nearly as good as this service.

I 100% recommend it, for any type of content!! Great Job!

Wonderful job for the price. Informative. Very minor tweaks needed.

This service is great I really recommend content daddy, before them I tried a guy on fiverr and the quality was awful. I will be ordering more soon

I received my articles the other day and this is the best writing I have received for the price by far.

I have already reordered.

order was delivered! All good

Order was delivered! Content is great, ordering again :)

Forgot to post on 27/11/19: Placed another order: SK121594
Really happy with my first order! Great content for the price.

I just received my order after just a few days.

When I first opened the article, I genuinely expected it to be poor quality and in need of editing (considering the price point), but I was completely wrong.

The article covers the topic extremely well, it flows nicely and was enjoyable to read.

I am genuinely surprised by the quality of the article and I will definitely be placing a larger order by the end of today.

Highly recommended

order: SK121646 6x500 articles completed

Great service, they went the extra mile with this one, highly recommend their service.

Keep up the good work

Thank you Contentdaddy for the report and the fast TAT. I am really impressed with the quality - good job. Honestly thought all copywriting services were just a program spinning stuff you want written, but this really do look like manual work - and high quality as well. Followed my description of what I wanted to the letter. Will probably be placing more orders soon.

I am a regular buyer of this service, and I am happy with the content quality that they have been churning out for me. I must admit that the quality is very good for the price. I will be placing a bigger order soon.

very good and quality content. so i ordered again. :) SK121836

So I purchase 3k words for $30 6 days ago. Honestly, given previous experiences with BHW content writers, I was not expecting much. I must say, I was incredibly surprised (in a good way). I gave them a very specific prompt that was not at all common-knowledge based, and their research was phenomenal. They found background information that even I didn't already know, as well as providing incredibly good product feature comparisons.

In terms of writing, it was very good. It is clear that they put a lot of effort into making sure that it sounds fluent, but there were still a few spots where the grammar or the syntax of the sentence was wrong. Nothing a quick pass through Grammarly couldn't fix. I can fairly confidently say that I don't believe the content was spun, based both on the clarity of writing and the fact that I doubt there were enough articles for them to spin 3k words on this topic.

Also, delivery was prompt. (Right within their stated 4-7 day TAT).

Overall, very pleased. 98/100

I received my 3 SEO optimized article today.
Awesome Quality! Thank You! :)

Very happy with my first test order, I have now placed two additional orders.


Looking forward to seeing more amazing content!

Just got my first order from Onlineventures, Content is good, Communications were excellent, Timing was as promised. Highly recommended.

I've gotten about 50k words from this service now, so I'll offer a review. Obviously, from the fact that I keep ordering, I'm happy with the quality for the price. It is clear that they arent written by native speakers, but it takes me very little time, as a native speaker, to edit it and get it ready for publishing.
This is just a theory, but it seems like there are a few different writers. This means that the articles arent very consistent. I have had some that required basically no editing and had great voice and readability, but I have also had some that weren't that great. On the bright side, they have always been super quick to fix any issues I've had with the articles.

Overall 8.5/10. It's not hands-off content, but it is very well researched, and it's clear that they put effort into their product. As a quick tip, they're much better at doing informational guides than they are at doing product rankings.

Got my first order back and am delighted with what I got back. Easily as good as any native English writers I've used (I imagine they're not for this low price!)

Only feedback, if any, is that the opening paragraph was a bit "fluffy" but this happens with all native UK/US writers I've used too.

Minimal editing was required for the article. Very pleased and will order a lot more.

Order placed: SK122112.

This is my 7th order so far with this service, whenever I need great content at amazing prices I always come to ContentDaddy :)

Review: Placed an order for an article that is quite difficult to demonstrate authority and little resources that could cover the topic easily. What I got is an article that was fluid, well presented and was able to clearly explain the topic. I was quite shocked to see relevant images in the article too... The best thing is they didn't stop at the word count order requested, they continued until the article was finished. Unlike other services I have used where the articles just abruptly end making no sense. I had to make a few minor adjustments; for example they used resources from another website, which took 5 mins to correct and prepare to publish to the website.

Overall, exceptional value for money and will be using this service again on more broader topics. This service has most definitely set the benchmark for my content outsourcing needs.


Second order placed: SK122153

Just placed a 12k words order. Order number: SK122215

Great service. Had placed a few orders before, and tried other sellers as well. By far one of the best services for the price. Last time topics were well researched, content made sense with pretty much no errors I couldnt fix in few mins. Hoping this order will be as good!


Review time.

I ordered 1 article as a test and I've got to say, the quality was fantastic.

I've tried quite a few services on BHW and I would say this is the best writing service in this price range (that I've tried).

I would recommend this writing service to everyone.

Got the first order back, was happy with it. Sent in another order SK122311 :)

Content was solid as usual. You can really tell their writers understand/command the English language. They aren't written by native speakers, but they're fantastic for the price!

Ordered more, the quality is great. Order # SK122308

I received my articles, and I must say I am simply blown away. The quality is excellent, and also all my instructions were followed correctly. I barely had to make any changes. Thanks, and keep up the good work. I just placed a New order SK122530. ;)

previous article was good

So i ordered (10 x 1000 words) more Seo article

Order id:- SK122534


Received report. Stunned with how impressed I am.

Great job, on par with services that are double or triple the price.

Ordered a 2000 word article, just received it this morning.

Very good for the price, still needs some editing, but better than others I've paid more than 3x for
Looks like well researched

TAT was pretty long

I will be ordering more articles from OP. Like right now.

Just got my recent order, and it's great!! I've hired a lot of content writers and for the price, I don't think your article can be beaten. Great job, will be ordering again.

Received: SK122724 and SK122725 ... Excellent work and under the TAT. Waiting on one more order and just made another order SK122747. Best writers I've found to-date making a bulk order later today.

Second order placed: SK122771

Was impressed the first time round, hoping for more of the same!

Amazing quality article , in a keyword I couldn't think off that many words .
Also ober delivered by 69 words.
Will absolutely order more.

Article received, good quality compared to price.
2nd order placed: SK122856

Just received my first couple of test orders. I honestly can't even.

This is the best shit on BHW. I was disappointed by the turn around time is much different than the advertised time in the BST, however, the quality was so impressive it's was a none factor, and consider this not a complaint, it was well worth the wait.

Not only will I be ordering from content daddy again, but It is also now my prime source of articles.

This is not a paid review, I am genuinely impressed and happy with the content I received. I plan on sending you a lot of orders in the future.


Just made another order for 4 x 1000 words articles.


Keep up the great work.

They are my main writers at the moment.


My 1st article I ordered was very well written content. So I've ordered 3 more and will probably continue to use your service.
Order # SK122992

Made an order with Content Daddy, received within 6 days and it was exactly what I asked for. Was good quality writing and exactly what I needed to tackle a small long tail keyword I needed an article for. Just wanted to leave review for anyone else considering using their service.

The work they deliver so good. If you need writers who will provide you with high quality work then you should consider them. There have been some downsides here and there but they are not that major. It is not everyday that you get good work for this price.

Ordered over 15 times. Everytime i got a good text. But i dont really see a difference in choosing "SEO" or "rewrite". Actually the quality is the same and i wont say, that the text is seo optimized. But for this price its way more than i expected :)

Just placed a new order. I will leave a review after I receive this second article.

Spoiler alert: It's going to be a very positive review :)

Order ID: SK123174

I use this service regularly and have always been happy with the quality, TAT, and communication. I have ordered different types of content, but mainly blog posts which have been top notch and in cases where quality was a priority they didn't require much editing.


Ordered 19 articles.

Previous order was delivered and the content was good. I like that the seller includes links directly to the amazon products - makes it super easy to paste the content on your blog.

Great content, order placed again: SK123226

I received my first batch of orders yesterday and clearly I did not expect the quality to surpass the price (it was well done - very well done). I don't know how you can do it for this price but definitely putting a big order after you deliver the second one due today :)

I've tried a number of writing services - there's only a few I would vouch for. This guy is my go to for all my info/review posts. Thank you mate.

Service: Extremely pleased with quality, value, and ease of communications!
Quality: Well researched and written articles with external reference/attributions and great readability (7th Grade level. Industry target is 8th Grade reading level)
TAT: within expected 3-5 days (ordered 10 x 500 words articles in 3 different niches)

Received all of my ordered parts. In total 25k words with 20 orders.

The quality was as described. Some mistakes in grammer, but nothing to worry about.
2 text-orders were really bad and had missed the keyword meaning, but after some mails they provided me 2 new texts which were great.
Solid 5 of 5 stars service!

Ordered twice now, both times the seller was professional, easy to work with and the articles were top notch (clean, readable, well formatted, ... )


I´m more than surprised by the quality.
Great service!

Will order more.

So I received my first article from this service. I have to say, I was impressed. A 1k article, pretty well written, and with clear evidence of research.

I rewrote slightly and added pictures, but for the price I am very impressed - so much so that I've ordered 2 more articles and will probably order 3 more today.

Good stuff.

I just received my article , and really I am shocked ;)
I ask for a 3000 words article in an usual subject , and I got a huge a article that only experts can write it
I will do a mass request soon

great service, thanks!

I think I have ordered around 25K words from @onlineventures

The quality is consistently nothing short of excellent.

All my instructions are followed to a T even for harder keywords.

More orders to follow!

Order placed SK123745

Having ordered +50k words from this seller, and the quality is really good, even for your money sites.

I can attest it does. Ranking top10 with several articles from this service

New order placed: SK123766

I was happy with my first order so I have placed another order: SK123829

Looking forward to some more great content :)

Today I received my content. the content is very interesting and I can confirm that the content has a very high level of research. I will definitely repeat orders with contentdaddy

recieved contet, good work
very friendly support, thanks

I have received my order, the article quality is great for this price, definitely recommended, will place a new order soon, thanks.

I just received my order today, the article is well written and free of plagiarism, the part I didn't like is the delivery time, too long to send an article (almost 15 days), I wanted to place a large order as I see that your service (quality wise) is good, but with these delivery times, they leave much to be desired.

If you think you can improve the delivery time, we can come to an agreement.

I ordered an article last week, got it today. The quality was very good, I gave them a harder topic to write about, it was written with great grammar and professional research. There was no plagiarism (I checked with Copyscape) and I highly recommend using this service. I shall be ordering more and keeping you updated on the quality.

Great service.

My order got delivered 2 days ago, and I had some time to review the quality of the articles.

I'm pretty new to the blogging world, so I can't compare their work with others. I can say that the writing is good enough for what you're paying, aka 1 cent a word. The writers have tried to follow my article briefs as best as possible. There are some odd sentences here and there, but overall I'm impressed with their work.

I don't believe the articles can just be slapped onto your money site without any editing. I doubt any service for such price can allow that.

What I like about this service:
  • Price - You're getting content for just 1 cent a word. That is cheap for the level of quality you're getting.
  • Research - They have taken their time to research the topics.
  • Following briefs/instructions - Pretty good job following my instructions on formatting the articles, answering questions, and sticking to the templates.
  • Grammar - Grammar is okay. I think I haven't made any grammar corrections.
  • Plagiarism - There is 0 plagiarism. I've checked my articles with Copyscape, and they are clean.
What could use some improvement:
  • Synonyms - Some of the articles have too many repeated words. For example, instead of just using "dog", throw-in "puppy", "canine", "hound" etc. This is nit-picking, but it took me some time to edit these manually. Grammarly doesn't do a good job finding these duplicate words.
  • Sentence structure - A few weirdly structured sentences are hard to understand. Not that big of a deal if they're not the majority. There are a lot of sentences starting with conjunctions like "and, "but," "so," which is not ideal.
Overall, I can recommend this writing service, especially if you have a little bit of time for editing or have editors in your team.

I am happy to say that I received my order and it is perfect. The article was well-written and researched. The quality of the article was great and they followed all instructions closely! I'll definitely place another batch of order next week.

I have sent an email some weeks ago and a follow-up to an order without any reply. I've sent another email to the website contact form yesterday without a reply.

Can you please reply to my emails?

Just received my order/articles.

ContentDaddy followed the instructions perfectly.

150% happy with the content I received.

Will be ordering again.

This sevice is one of the best Ive seen on here

I've received my web copy and I am very happy with the content.

I've tested several content providers on BHW for the same task.

Only this team understood what I need.

I'm very happy with the quality that he provides for 10$/1000.

I don't know if you can find something better for this price.

Received my order after 8 days.

Ordered two articles 1500 words each, GREAT QUALITY!

Suggestion, you should have a subscription where I can receive an article every week to publish on my sites. Would happily pay $30/week for articles.

For now i'll request manually :)

Ordered 10 articles 1k words each and very pleased with the quality.

Ordered SK124503

I am really happy with my last order from this service. The quality of the article was great and so I ordered another one.
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Would like to see product review samples please.
Send me some samples. Any early bird discount?
Send me some sample of pillar content and amazon product reviews.

Any early bird offers?
Can i have some samples? Also, do you accept cryptocurrency?
I look for writers long relation work for money site , can u make the article looks viral for my FB fans ?

Interested to work ..
Do you cover nutra site articles? I'm having few landing pages which needs to get revamp. What would be your charges for entire site? you can send me a pm with entire details
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