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    We are looking for someone to write a series of short articles for us. Here are some specifications on the job we require:

    • There will be approximately 50 topics.
    • Each topic will need 3 unique articles written about it, bringing us to about 150 articles total, titles and keywords will be provided.
    • The articles should be 150 words in length.
    • The job can be completed over the course of about 2 weeks or a little longer if necessary.
    Basically, we want to have 3 unique content "filler" articles for each of the 50 advertisers we are looking to promote.

    The articles should:

    • Talk about the company/advertiser in a positive tone
    • Be "Google safe" - that is, the content should look legit, not covered in "buy it now and save save save!" slogans and "so what are you waiting for, go for it!" lines. It should not be overwhelmingly obvious that this is a sales blurb.
    Here is an example of the sort of thing we require - it's about an advertiser called "":

    Word count: 156 (it's ok if it's a bit shorter sometimes :) )

    One more thing:

    • Writer MUST be fluent in english. Google is sensitive to syntax errors and grammar mistakes and this can influence rank. This really is important. If you cannot write in PERFECT English, please do not apply.

    Please send me a PM if you are interested in talking further.

    Thank-you for your interest.

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