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    So reading through some guides and journeys on this site I find some people place emphasis on creating good (and lots of) content to sell affiliate products and rank in search results, having the mindset that a customer must be given value so he learns useful information about the product and then wants to buy it/share it etc. Resulting in your rankings improving and more sales.
    And some seem to be more concerned with the number of backlinks that they have and how well the SEO for their site is done.

    I'm curious is SEO (link building... PBNs, web 2.0's etc) enough to get a good ranking, and push products?

    ex: scenario of a review site, many articles that contains information about say penis enlargement pills, scientific review articles, personal reviews, and lots of information in general with aff links scattered discreetly throughout
    A well laid out review site that simply lists "top ten penis enlargement products" and has an article about each product, and other than that isn't having articles constantly added. But it has extensive SEO done to it, many backlinks periodically added, and in a good structured safe way.

    What do ya think? I'm pretty sure I've seen a few sites that are as basic as my second scenario selling affiliate products, whether with any success idk.

    Cheerss :cool: