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    I'm looking for free or paid software, or service, or a combination
    of software and services that can do this:

    - I enter a list of 30 keywords

    - I enter a template that will be used for each page (with "tokens"
    that will make the keyword appear wherever I want throughout the page)

    - I click a button and a 30-page website is created with links at the
    bottom to each page etc.

    - Each page should have RSS feeds related to the keyword on that page.
    NOT javascript - I need both the visitors AND the search engines to be
    able to read it.

    - At any point I wish, I should be able to modify a template file on my
    site and the site should change in appearance (say I want to change
    the background color, or the layout or add CSS etc). I should NOT have
    to reupload the entire site again.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Please only post if you
    already know the answer to this question. I have posted a similar question
    to other places and everyone jumps in without having any experience
    with this. Let's not let this happen here :)
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    Try using doorway software for this ....