Content Removel - The Questionable way!!

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    Had a client today ask me if there was away to remove content from the web... Well we all kinda know the answer to that question... infact there are many answers and ways. However for what he is asking i see no 'ethical' way to do it; as approaching the sources will result in a failed attempt. So if I was to help him I would be faced with the task of trying to find someone with the right abilities to be able to facilitate such a task.

    But where would you start looking! it is not like these kinds of people advertise themselves! and the people that do are 99% of the time the people that you definitely would not want to work with and probably cant complete the task in hand anyway! So I would guess that the only thing to do if you was in this situation would be to ask around!

    I am not really expecting any replies to this thread, as this is just me thinking out loud. However if the odd PM's arrives in my inbox that would be a bonus!