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    I really like Content Hurricane. I did some testing without protecting any keywords and it worked fine (although Squidoo didn't like the converted code), but with protected keywords, it's not converting text properly. See below:

    Protected Keywords:
    Florida, Modification, modification, Loan, loan, Homeowner, homeowner, Help, help, Money, money, People, people, Company, company, Services, services,

    Orig Text:
    If you're considering using a loan modification company to help you with your application, ..... have dealt with that company or others to find a company that will not leave you high and dry.

    Converted Text:
    If yoυ're сonѕіdөring uѕіng a loan modification Modification4 to help үou with your Modification8, ..... havө dөalt witһ tһat Modification4 oг οthөгs to find а Modification4 thаt will not leavө yοu һіgh and dгү.

    It doesn't always use the same (wrong) word. It seems like it randomly chooses from the Protected Keywords. Another Example of converted text using same original text (after removing Modification from the Protected Keywords):

    Converted Text: (example 2)
    If you're сοnsideгіng using a Help2 мodificаtiοn company to help үοu wіth yοur homeowner3, ..... hаνe dөаlt ωith that company oг othөrs to find a company that wіll not leave yου hіgh and dry.

    Anyone else having a similar issue?