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    Hey dude

    You have pretty big lacks of knowledge for wanting to do SEO.

    1) FTP (File transfer protocol) is used to access the files on your server - upload them, download them and manage them. An FTP client is a piece of software use to connect to your server and do all of the above.

    A very popular (it doesn't mean good) FTP client is Total Commander.
    You can find it at Google simply by searching: "Total Commander" Download or something :D

    To connect to your FTP you need host, username and pass.
    You can always use Internet Explorer by typing in:
    http://ftp://username:[email protected]

    And than drag & drop the files - but that's a stupid way of doing it xD

    2) A MySQL Database is a type of free database that's used very often in working with PHP Files. MySQL makes it possible to manage your own database on the server.
    To use a database you need to connect to your mysql account on the server and start a database for the Content Solution V2

    I recommend that you :
    1) Get Premium quality hosting (yes yes - you pay for it)
    2) Contact the hosting tech support
    3) Tell them you need FTP Data, Full MySQL Data and you need them to setup a database for you named contactv2 for example
    4) Help configuring and setting up the script.

    That's it.
    Hope it will work.