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Aug 11, 2008
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I'm wanting to create content for a wordpress site that I have by creating a page for every location for every topic.

What I want to do is for instance create a page about a state for instance or a city, and then have a paragraph or so about that city or state. But when discussing it, I need to have certain words or sentences auto inserted.

Like this for instance:

This page is about Oklahoma widgets. (insert one of say, ten sentences here).
Oklahoma is a (insert adjective here) state in the middle of (insert one of several variations of country descriptors here)

It's a great place for (insert one of ten phrases here)

blabbity bla.

If it could be done, I'd like to do that and have it spit out all fifty states automatically as well. Basically I would list all the states and it would insert the state name where the term "topic" was listed maybe.

Something kind of like what the linkjuicer uses where you can insert variable phrases.

If anyone knows of a program for this or a way that I could do this please help!
It requires Custom Coding. There is no software / Program to do it...
You will need something like PHP for it...
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